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We actively and prudently represent your interests in order to achieve the goal without any detours. We often work at cases which have links to different countries. The international private law and international treaties is our daily practice.

Van Zuethem Lawyers stands for knowledgeable and efficient legal services. We assist firms active in shipping, trade, shipbuilding and road transport, storage and transhipment and their customers.

The working languages are Dutch, German and English.

What can we do for you?



Certainly with extensive damages it is of great importance that the full facts are clear as soon as possible. The facts, after all, determine the legal position. We give high priority to a rapid determination of the facts. Therefore we are available 24/7. If required we gather witness testimony’s on board and secure the evidence concerning collisions. Where necessary, we ask the judge for a provisional hearing of witnesses or a provisional expert’s opinion.


Security for your claim is certainly not a luxury. Especially if the opposite party is a single ship company. In consultation with you, we take appropriate measures. Seizing ships is our practice, but of course we also seizure other assets.


We advise you with concluding agreements and can also draft these for you, if required in German or English. This also applies for your general terms. Specific knowledge of shipbuilding contracts, charter contracts, purchase agreements, rental agreements and agreements with an international character is available. Of course we also assist you in the preparatory phase and during the negotiations we keep, besides the legal aspects, also the commercial relation in account. Our motto “better safe than sorry’ we put here into practice. With a good and clear agreement a lot of problems and proceedings can be prevented. This will save you stress, insecurity and money. We advise you further in the establishment and/or unwinding your business activities. Also for guidance in the way to bankruptcy and assistance with directors’ liability you can contact us.

Shipping auctions

The execution law in the Netherlands provides also for foreign banks good possibilities to your realise your collateral right. It’s fast and the costs are clear. Our clients include a number of banks. Our services are engaged for shipping auctions throughout the Netherlands.

Persons and family law

Also entrepreneurs could be involved in a divorce. Good analysis of the prenuptial agreements is a must. You can contact us together for a settlement in good consultation or alone if you think you can't work things out together. We define these activities as drawing up parenting plan, a divorce agreement and making a calculation of the alimony. Also in court action, including interlocutory proceedings and preliminary injunction, we assist you.

Related legal areas

We define related legal areas as insurance law, criminal law (only shipping related), security right and registration of ships and businesses. Where necessary, we make use of our network.